Handmade Custom Leather iPhone and Android Cases

Smartphones began catching on nearly a decade ago and their dominance in the mobile phone market has only increased over the years. While Apple made smartphones fun and accessible for everyone, Android has made owning one more affordable.

Regardless of whether you prefer the iPhone or Android, protecting your smartphone is important to making it last for years. Plastic phone cases can help protect your phone, but a leather smartphone case can give your phone added protection.

Here at Black Hills Leather, we put the same quality craftsmanship into our custom leather smartphone cases as we do for our gun holsters. We carry a wide selection of designs for you to choose from and you can even customize your smartphone case yourself on our website!

Design Choices

One aspect of Black Hills Leather that sets us apart is our wide selection of leather smartphone case designs. We don’t offer one or two options, but more than 30 designs for you to choose from and customize. We carry western style smartphone cases that are sure to satisfy your inner cowboy.  

Of course, if a western style smartphone case isn’t what you’re looking for, then perhaps our basket weaved leather options are more your style. You can even choose the color of your preference. Best of all, all of our smartphone cases can be designed to fit any model iPhone or Android. Just let us know the specifications and we will craft a high-quality leather smartphone case specifically for you.

Exotic Leathers

While a handmade leather smartphone case will surely be one of a kind, you can further the uniqueness of your case with one of our exotic leathers. Harvested sustainably, these exotic leathers will set your smartphone case apart from everyone else’s. Some of the exotic leathers we have available are:

  • Stingray
  • Ostrich
  • Elephant
  • Crocodile
  • Alligator

If you are interested in any of these exotic leathers for your custom leather iPhone or Android cases, we can design it specifically for you.

Handcrafted by Black Hills Leather

While we have been well-known across Texas for our custom leather gun holsters, our smartphone cases are relatively new. Whether you need a case for your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can rest assured knowing that we have used the highest quality leather and tools to craft your case.

Crafting handmade leather goods runs in our blood so if you are interested in one of our high-quality smartphone cases, you can view our entire online selection here.

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