Own a Classic Gun? Give It the Right Holster

If you’re a gun collector or lover, chances are that you have at least a few classic Western pieces in your collection. These guns have incredible history behind them and are well-crafted and powerful. Such beautiful pieces require equally beautiful holsters; and at Black Hills Leather, we have a large collection of them in our store so you can find a western rig that fits your requirement easily with us.


1. Remington Model 1875

The Remington is quite popular with collectors because it was carried by several outlaws and law enforcers when it was introduced. While the company didn’t enjoy as much success as Colt and Smith and Wesson during this age, Remington is one of the most coveted classics. This is a small, simple, and functional pistol that requires an equally simple and elegant holster. Highly embellished or detailed western rigs would simply overpower the gun. The right holster is our BH375 The Wichita, This ‘Cheyenne’ variant holster has a main seam swell between the skirt loops and a curved throat with border tooled edging and a thonged concho. The cartridge belt comes with matching border tooling and both are lined.



2. Spencer Repeater

This was the gun of the Union troops and cavalryman and one of the most well-known and appreciated repeating rifles of the time. This is a very familiar looking gun with an iconic design and a long history behind it. This gun was easily available at the time and thousands were manufactured for the war. They delivered a relatively reliable performance, which contributed to their popularity. Today, it’s not perhaps has coveted as some of the more iconic and interesting guns, but Spencer Repeater does find its place in many collections. It’s a long rifle and requires a secure rig to carry it and you can find one at our store. Our recommendation is BH112 The Rifle Saddle Scabbard, our Sharps and Rifle Scabbard is made of only the highest quality top grain leather and lined on the inside with a smooth suede lining helping to protect your rifle when being holstered. Made to hold the Sharps 1874 model rifle or similar size rifles the scabbard easily straps on to your saddle all the adjustable saddle straps are included. Available in either black, russet and dark chestnut colors and in a wide variety of hand tooled carving and stamping options.


3. Smith & Wesson Schofield

This gun was introduced in 1875 and has since attained legendary status and that’s not really surprising. The gun was named after Major George W. Schofield of the 10th Cavalry after he modified the mechanism for easier loading and reloading on horseback. Over the years, this model has been refined and reproduced several times and it’s considered one of the most collectible guns in the market. The silver finish with the white handle will fit in well with black leather because the pale design would stand out and grab attention. I recommend the BH690 The Idaho, this “Mexican Loop” style holster has a re-curved throat and a swelling of the pouch between the two straps that are fashioned out of the back skirting. This rig is decorated with a beautiful basket-stamped ornamentation.


4. Colt 1851 Navy

This Colt pistol is arguably the most popular gun with enthusiasts and collectors. It’s the second most successful handgun manufactured by the company and about 255,000 units were manufactured during its hay day. This was the most commonly found gun in the Civil War and many solders carried and used it regularly. Even after the war, the Navy continued to be one of the most used and purchased gun for many years. It was also converted from to metallic cartridges from the previous cap-and-ball ammunition by the company in the early 1870s. Like the Schofield, the Navy also has a silvery finish with a polished white handle so plain black leather rigs would ensure it shines when you wear it. My recommendation is BH260 The Curly Bill, this holster comes with a double loop holster with nickle spots, med-low ride quick draw holster. 2 1/2 wide straight belt. border tooling, flared tops for easy reholstering.


If you have any more questions about genuine leather western rigs, don’t hesitate to give us at Black Hills Leather a call on +1 956 712 9434 or email us at rudy@blackhillsleather.com. We’ll be happy to help you shop.

Happy Trails,

Rudy Lozano
Master Craftsman
Black Hills Leather