Thanks to James Portman

Than you Jim and God Bless you! – Rudy


From: James Portman 

Date: July 30, 2015 at 6:45:27 PM CDT


Subject: Holster

I received my shoulder holster today what a great piece of crafter ship you guys are above and beyond qualityI received my shoulder holster today what a great piece of crafter ship you guys are above and beyond quality well worth the weight very happy customer you are blessed . I will be recommending you to every one I know.


Jim portman
May God be good to you and you’re staff

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Black Hills Leather, gun leather proudly made in America.

Hello Chuck,

Thank you for your kind words.

Your comments made my day and I will share with my customers in our blog.

Have a blessed day!

Rudy Lozano


Date: March 13, 2015 at 3:21:35 AM CDT

To: rudy@blackhillsleather.com

Subject: Holster order


I placed an order for a holster earlier today and I was very impressed with the courtesy you extended on the phone. At the time I did not realize I was talking to the same person that would be making my holster and when you said you would make a beautiful holster I thought you were someone that took orders and was exercising a sales technique; however researching your website I realize what I had heard was your pride in your craftsmanship. It was a pleasure dealing with you today and I look forward to receiving the holster I ordered. I stand behind “made in America” and I would not hesitate to recommend you.


Chuck Reeser

Thank you Doc Doolittle

From: “C. D. Doolittle” 

Date: December 23, 2014 at 3:14:48 PM CST

To: Rudy Lozano

Subject: It’s Here!

Hi Rudy…..The holster came, today. It is a work of art! I LOVE it! The Gun fits [tightly, as expected], the mag pouch works with both size magazines, and the workmanship is first rate!  :>)  Thank you very much for putting up with me, and for making such a beautiful holster for me!…….Merry Christmas and have a Very Happy New Year!…….Your Friend,

Doc Doolittle

A comment from our customer Ken

I ordered a shoulder holster in august which I finally got this November.  I thought because you missed the significantly the projected delivery time the quality was going to be substandard as well.

I had to let you know that the holster you sent is exceptional in quality and performance.  I am extremely pleased with your product.  Any holster purchase I make in the future will be from Black Hills.  I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Thank You,

Ken Fleck

Black Alligator Exotic Leather Combo – Testimonial

Hello Amigos,

I want to share this testimonial and pictures from Thomas about his new alligator concealed combo that includes the holster, holder mag and belt.


I thought you would like to see the fruits of your labors combined.I apologize for the picture quality (generally I shoot things with guns not cameras). I want to thank Both of you for the quality of your work and the beauty of your products.

Also to finally have what I see in the gun mags and hear about from rich guys on the internet. My own one of a kind Custom 1911 and holster. Thank You Very Much. T J Rauch.”

Alligator Concealed Holster

Alligator Concealed Holster, Mag Holder and Belt

Thank you Thomas and God bless you!

Rudy Lozano

Video testimonial from a customer – BHTDH Tactical Duty Holster System


Today I want to thank and share this video testimonial from mi amigo Timothy. Very creative way to explain to me a new order :).

This video describes comments for Rudy about the new holster you are making for my Sig P226 X5. The previous holster you made for me is almost a perfect fit for my Sig with a few exceptions.

I hope you find this video interesting.

BHTDH Tactical Duty Holster System

Thanks again Timothy.

Rudy Lozano

Testimonial on a BH4D – Vertical Double Shoulder Rig

Hi Amigos,

We thank you all for your words about our work and we are working hard to deliver the best quality products.

Thanks to Steve for this testimonial.


I just received my shoulder holster (BH4D) today. Fantastic quality, so much better than a production holster like Galco. I am a probation officer and many will be going to a shoulder holster as an option. I will highly suggest Black Hills Leathers to my co-workers. The fit, stitching, workmanship and leather quality it second to none. You all rock!  By the way, thank you for getting it made and shipped to me so quickly.

Steve Greer

BH4D - VERTICAL Double Shoulder Rig
BH4D – VERTICAL Double Shoulder Rig


BH7D Double Shoulder Rig Customer testimonial

Hello Amigos,

Welcome to our brand new blog. In this blog we will be posting new products images, videos, testimonials and much more. Please feel free to ask questions, give us comments and send us information you think could be interesting to our audience. We think this blog can be very helpful for all of us. My e-mail is rudy@blackhillsleather.com.

This is one of our customer testimonial about our BH7D Double Sholder Holster, thanks to Marc Hall for sharing with us.

Rudy Lozano


From: Marc Hall

To: rudy@blackhillsleather.com

Sent: Friday, July 05, 2013 10:09 AM

Subject: Use as product review

I purchased a shoulder holster about a month ago and was totally overwhelmed at the quality of construction.  First quality leather, sharp look, I hate to cover it with a jacket.  When an order comes in, these guys don’t pull something from the rack.  The product is made to order by master craftsmen.   You have to see it to believe it.  Thanks guys!

Marc Hall

Montgomery, AL

BH7D Double Shoulder Rig