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How to Choose a Good Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holsters look very cool and conceal the weapon well; little wonder then that people are drawn to them. They’ve become very popular in the recent years, because cops and law enforcement officers in TV shows and movies are often seen carrying them. If you want to use a shoulder holster, you need to choose it carefully.

Make the right choice.

At Black Hills Leather, we believe the suggestions mentioned below would help you choose the right holster for you.

  • The Position – Shoulder holsters come with different orientations that impact how you draw your weapon. You can choose between vertical and horizontal holsters based on your weapon and personal preference. Vertical holsters are suitable for larger, heavier guns that should be held in an upright or downright angle.
  • These are more comfortable than horizontal holsters, and are often used by law enforcement officers. The vertical holster also allows you to draw your weapon more smoothly. A horizontal holster is great for smaller weapons and they’re quite safe. They point the barrel of the weapon away from the wearer’s body so there’s no risk of any accidents with them.
  • Comfort-People often underestimate just how uncomfortable ill-fitting holsters can be. Those that fit well aren’t as noticeable and the wearer doesn’t feel any constant nagging discomfort that ill-fitting holsters tend to cause. It’s vital to choose a holster that would sit comfortably on your body and still hold the gun securely.
  • Gun Fit-The best holsters are the ones that fit your gun well because they’ll help improve retention, accessibility, and draw time. If possible, try to find shoulder holsters that fit the type of gun you possess, as  that would improve your overall experience with them.
  • Retention -You don’t want your gun to fall from your holster during strenuous activity or confrontations. A holster should retain the gun even if you’re jostled and are involved in a tussle.

BH7D Double Shoulder Rig, Military and Law Enforcement Shoulder Holster

This isn’t always possible, especially if you’re in a serious brawl, but you should purchase a holster that would keep your gun as secure as it can possibly be. Ill-fitting holsters won’t retain the gun easily. The two levels of retention devices in holsters are:

  • Level One – This level has one retention device, which is essentially a strap and a thumb break.
  • Level Two – This consists of a strap, one thumb break, and an internal retention device.
  • Materials- Leather is the best material for gun holsters because it’s durable, comfortable, and looks great. The leather should be cut and shaped well to ensure it has a good fit. Some manufacturers will also crave intricate designs on the leather to make the shoulder holsters more attractive. The choice of material and design depends entirely on your budget and preferences. Just keep in mind that the holster should be sturdy and able to endure a certain amount of wear and tear.

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From: James Portman 

Date: July 30, 2015 at 6:45:27 PM CDT” 

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I received my shoulder holster today what a great piece of crafter ship you guys are above and beyond qualityI received my shoulder holster today what a great piece of crafter ship you guys are above and beyond quality well worth the weight very happy customer you are blessed . I will be recommending you to every one I know.


Jim portman
May God be good to you and you’re staff

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Testimonial on a BH4D – Vertical Double Shoulder Rig

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I just received my shoulder holster (BH4D) today. Fantastic quality, so much better than a production holster like Galco. I am a probation officer and many will be going to a shoulder holster as an option. I will highly suggest Black Hills Leathers to my co-workers. The fit, stitching, workmanship and leather quality it second to none. You all rock!  By the way, thank you for getting it made and shipped to me so quickly.

Steve Greer

BH4D - VERTICAL Double Shoulder Rig
BH4D – VERTICAL Double Shoulder Rig


BH7D Double Shoulder Rig Customer testimonial

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From: Marc Hall


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I purchased a shoulder holster about a month ago and was totally overwhelmed at the quality of construction.  First quality leather, sharp look, I hate to cover it with a jacket.  When an order comes in, these guys don’t pull something from the rack.  The product is made to order by master craftsmen.   You have to see it to believe it.  Thanks guys!

Marc Hall

Montgomery, AL

BH7D Double Shoulder Rig