Own a Classic Gun? Give It the Right Holster

If you’re a gun collector or lover, chances are that you have at least a few classic Western pieces in your collection. These guns have incredible history behind them and are well-crafted and powerful. Such beautiful pieces require equally beautiful holsters; and at Black Hills Leather, we have a large collection of them in our store so you can find a western rig that fits your requirement easily with us.


1. Remington Model 1875

The Remington is quite popular with collectors because it was carried by several outlaws and law enforcers when it was introduced. While the company didn’t enjoy as much success as Colt and Smith and Wesson during this age, Remington is one of the most coveted classics. This is a small, simple, and functional pistol that requires an equally simple and elegant holster. Highly embellished or detailed western rigs would simply overpower the gun. The right holster is our BH375 The Wichita, This ‘Cheyenne’ variant holster has a main seam swell between the skirt loops and a curved throat with border tooled edging and a thonged concho. The cartridge belt comes with matching border tooling and both are lined.



2. Spencer Repeater

This was the gun of the Union troops and cavalryman and one of the most well-known and appreciated repeating rifles of the time. This is a very familiar looking gun with an iconic design and a long history behind it. This gun was easily available at the time and thousands were manufactured for the war. They delivered a relatively reliable performance, which contributed to their popularity. Today, it’s not perhaps has coveted as some of the more iconic and interesting guns, but Spencer Repeater does find its place in many collections. It’s a long rifle and requires a secure rig to carry it and you can find one at our store. Our recommendation is BH112 The Rifle Saddle Scabbard, our Sharps and Rifle Scabbard is made of only the highest quality top grain leather and lined on the inside with a smooth suede lining helping to protect your rifle when being holstered. Made to hold the Sharps 1874 model rifle or similar size rifles the scabbard easily straps on to your saddle all the adjustable saddle straps are included. Available in either black, russet and dark chestnut colors and in a wide variety of hand tooled carving and stamping options.


3. Smith & Wesson Schofield

This gun was introduced in 1875 and has since attained legendary status and that’s not really surprising. The gun was named after Major George W. Schofield of the 10th Cavalry after he modified the mechanism for easier loading and reloading on horseback. Over the years, this model has been refined and reproduced several times and it’s considered one of the most collectible guns in the market. The silver finish with the white handle will fit in well with black leather because the pale design would stand out and grab attention. I recommend the BH690 The Idaho, this “Mexican Loop” style holster has a re-curved throat and a swelling of the pouch between the two straps that are fashioned out of the back skirting. This rig is decorated with a beautiful basket-stamped ornamentation.


4. Colt 1851 Navy

This Colt pistol is arguably the most popular gun with enthusiasts and collectors. It’s the second most successful handgun manufactured by the company and about 255,000 units were manufactured during its hay day. This was the most commonly found gun in the Civil War and many solders carried and used it regularly. Even after the war, the Navy continued to be one of the most used and purchased gun for many years. It was also converted from to metallic cartridges from the previous cap-and-ball ammunition by the company in the early 1870s. Like the Schofield, the Navy also has a silvery finish with a polished white handle so plain black leather rigs would ensure it shines when you wear it. My recommendation is BH260 The Curly Bill, this holster comes with a double loop holster with nickle spots, med-low ride quick draw holster. 2 1/2 wide straight belt. border tooling, flared tops for easy reholstering.


If you have any more questions about genuine leather western rigs, don’t hesitate to give us at Black Hills Leather a call on +1 956 712 9434 or email us at rudy@blackhillsleather.com. We’ll be happy to help you shop.

Happy Trails,

Rudy Lozano
Master Craftsman
Black Hills Leather

Why Should You Purchase Leather Cases for Your iPhone and smartphone?

iPhones are intricately designed, beautiful little pieces of technology; so it doesn’t make sense to wrap them up in ugly cases that start fraying and chipping in a matter of weeks. Then you’re struck with a cheap looking case on your expensive phone. At Black Hills Leather, we recommend you purchase genuine leather cases to house your iPhones. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Beauty. Expertly-cut and shaped leather is very beautiful and luxurious. The material has a natural, earthy look and can come in a variety of colors. This material looks good even with just the stain and polish; but a skilled expert can enhance its beauty with intricate etching. These iPhone leather cases look expensive and will easily complement the look of your iPhone, so you won’t have to deal with the combination of expensive, well-designed phone and a cheap, poorly-made case.
BH-iPhone Leather Hand Carved Case
BH-iPhone Leather Hand Carved Case
  • Comfortable-Leather is soft and comfortable to hold. It also provides considerable amount of grip; this greatly reduces the chances of your phone accidentally slipping from your fingers and falling to the ground. Other materials like plastic or silicone don’t offer the best grip and can be a little slippery. Leather won’t dig into the skin of your palm like plastic would, so it’s more comfortable to hold for a longer time too.
Elephant Skin iPhone and Smartphone Wallet Case
Elephant Skin iPhone and Smartphone Wallet Case
  • Protection. iPhone leather cases will offer the phone ample protection against impact and scratches. Leather is thick and soft so if your phone does fall, the material would lessen the impact and protect the phone. Plastic and silicone cases don’t absorb impact to such a degree and plastic can actually crack during the fall. Leather is definitely the better option here.
BH-SH-iPhone Double Shoulder Holster for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus and all smart phones
BH-SH-iPhone Double Shoulder Holster for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus and all smart phones
  • Customizable -Manufacturers like us offer leather cases that are tailor-made for your phone. All you need to do is send the measurements of the device with or without the plastic or silicone case and we’ll create the perfect case for you. You can mention any specific details and requirements when you place the order. For example, if you want a phone case and credit card wallet, all you need to do is mention it during the order or choose one from the displayed inventory.
BH-Double iPhone Leather Case & Knife Case
BH-Double iPhone Leather Case & Knife Case
  • The Best Fit. Just measure the length, depth, and the width of the phone and if you have any additions, you should measure them as well. For example, if you want to store a small battery backup in the phone case, you can measure the extra space required and mention it in your order.

iPhone leather cases are durable, resilient, and look great; so they’re well-worth the expense. You can also personalize these cases by adding your name or initials to the material. These cases are perfect for people who want their phones to stand out.

If you have any more questions about iPhone leather cases, don’t hesitate to give us at Black Hills Leather a call on (956) 712-9434 or email us at rudy@blackhillsleather.com. We’ll be happy to help you shop.

Happy Trails,

Rudy Lozano
Master Craftsman
Black Hills Leather

How to Choose a Good Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holsters look very cool and conceal the weapon well; little wonder then that people are drawn to them. They’ve become very popular in the recent years, because cops and law enforcement officers in TV shows and movies are often seen carrying them. If you want to use a shoulder holster, you need to choose it carefully.

Make the right choice.

At Black Hills Leather, we believe the suggestions mentioned below would help you choose the right holster for you.

  • The Position – Shoulder holsters come with different orientations that impact how you draw your weapon. You can choose between vertical and horizontal holsters based on your weapon and personal preference. Vertical holsters are suitable for larger, heavier guns that should be held in an upright or downright angle.
  • These are more comfortable than horizontal holsters, and are often used by law enforcement officers. The vertical holster also allows you to draw your weapon more smoothly. A horizontal holster is great for smaller weapons and they’re quite safe. They point the barrel of the weapon away from the wearer’s body so there’s no risk of any accidents with them.
  • Comfort-People often underestimate just how uncomfortable ill-fitting holsters can be. Those that fit well aren’t as noticeable and the wearer doesn’t feel any constant nagging discomfort that ill-fitting holsters tend to cause. It’s vital to choose a holster that would sit comfortably on your body and still hold the gun securely.
  • Gun Fit-The best holsters are the ones that fit your gun well because they’ll help improve retention, accessibility, and draw time. If possible, try to find shoulder holsters that fit the type of gun you possess, as  that would improve your overall experience with them.
  • Retention -You don’t want your gun to fall from your holster during strenuous activity or confrontations. A holster should retain the gun even if you’re jostled and are involved in a tussle.

BH7D Double Shoulder Rig, Military and Law Enforcement Shoulder Holster

This isn’t always possible, especially if you’re in a serious brawl, but you should purchase a holster that would keep your gun as secure as it can possibly be. Ill-fitting holsters won’t retain the gun easily. The two levels of retention devices in holsters are:

  • Level One – This level has one retention device, which is essentially a strap and a thumb break.
  • Level Two – This consists of a strap, one thumb break, and an internal retention device.
  • Materials- Leather is the best material for gun holsters because it’s durable, comfortable, and looks great. The leather should be cut and shaped well to ensure it has a good fit. Some manufacturers will also crave intricate designs on the leather to make the shoulder holsters more attractive. The choice of material and design depends entirely on your budget and preferences. Just keep in mind that the holster should be sturdy and able to endure a certain amount of wear and tear.

If you have any more questions about our Shoulder Holsters, don’t hesitate to give us at Black Hills Leather a call on or email me at rudy@blackhillsleather.com. We’ll be happy to help you shop.

Happy Trails,

Rudy Lozano
Master Craftsman
Black Hills Leather

Handmade Custom Leather iPhone and Android Cases

Smartphones began catching on nearly a decade ago and their dominance in the mobile phone market has only increased over the years. While Apple made smartphones fun and accessible for everyone, Android has made owning one more affordable.

Regardless of whether you prefer the iPhone or Android, protecting your smartphone is important to making it last for years. Plastic phone cases can help protect your phone, but a leather smartphone case can give your phone added protection.

Here at Black Hills Leather, we put the same quality craftsmanship into our custom leather smartphone cases as we do for our gun holsters. We carry a wide selection of designs for you to choose from and you can even customize your smartphone case yourself on our website!

Design Choices

One aspect of Black Hills Leather that sets us apart is our wide selection of leather smartphone case designs. We don’t offer one or two options, but more than 30 designs for you to choose from and customize. We carry western style smartphone cases that are sure to satisfy your inner cowboy.  

Of course, if a western style smartphone case isn’t what you’re looking for, then perhaps our basket weaved leather options are more your style. You can even choose the color of your preference. Best of all, all of our smartphone cases can be designed to fit any model iPhone or Android. Just let us know the specifications and we will craft a high-quality leather smartphone case specifically for you.

Exotic Leathers

While a handmade leather smartphone case will surely be one of a kind, you can further the uniqueness of your case with one of our exotic leathers. Harvested sustainably, these exotic leathers will set your smartphone case apart from everyone else’s. Some of the exotic leathers we have available are:

  • Stingray
  • Ostrich
  • Elephant
  • Crocodile
  • Alligator

If you are interested in any of these exotic leathers for your custom leather iPhone or Android cases, we can design it specifically for you.

Handcrafted by Black Hills Leather

While we have been well-known across Texas for our custom leather gun holsters, our smartphone cases are relatively new. Whether you need a case for your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can rest assured knowing that we have used the highest quality leather and tools to craft your case.

Crafting handmade leather goods runs in our blood so if you are interested in one of our high-quality smartphone cases, you can view our entire online selection here.

New Texas Handgun Licensing Laws

In the past few years, many new handgun carry laws have passed through the Texas State Legislature. Many of these laws have replaced older, out of date laws. Previously called Concealed Carry Licensing, the Handgun Licensing Program in Texas has changed dramatically as much of the red tape surrounding handguns has been removed.

As the leading provider of handcrafted, quality gun holsters made right here in the Lone Star state, we here at Black Hills Leather thought we would fill our loyal customers in on these changes. Since the middle of 2015, eight new handgun licensing laws have gone into effect, with the most recent going into effect on January 1, 2016. One more handgun law is set to go into effect in August 2016.  Learn more about these laws and how they affect you below.

Open Carry and Campus Carry

The two most meaningful bills that have passed through the State Legislature are the open carry and campus carry laws.

As of January 1, 2016, Texas is an open carry state, meaning that with the proper license you can now carry your handgun openly, not concealed.  A separate license is not required if you already have your concealed carriers permit, however, you may not openly carry a handgun on certain premises, like on a higher education campus. The open carry law requires your handgun to be in a shoulder or belt holster.

While openly carrying a handgun on a college campus is still illegal, starting August 1, 2016, Texans will be able to carry a concealed weapon on these grounds. Once this law goes into effect, there will be nine states in the nation that allow concealed carry weapons on college campuses.

Other Law Changes

In addition to these changes, there have been a few other changes in handgun law in Texas. Six new laws went into effect on September 1, 2015. These laws have had various implications on handguns laws. Some of these changes were:

  • Amended the Penal Code to add a defense to the prosecution of a gun holder at airport security
  • Reduced license to carry fees for Juvenile Probation Officers
  • License to carry exemptions for Peace Officers and state military forces
  • Accepting concealed carry handgun licenses as valid proof of identification
  • Voluntary contribution to the fund for veteran’s assistance when applying for a concealed handgun permit
  • Allowing carrying concealed weapons on property owned or leased to a government entity

In addition to these six handgun law changes, retired judicial officers, like federal and state judges, were given a reduced fee when applying for a concealed carry license. This had previously been the case for retired state judges, but on June 16, 2015, the law went into effect for retired federal judges as well.

With these changes having gone into effect, you should consider upgrading your holster collection. Here at Black Hills Leather, all of our products are handmade with the highest quality leather. You can view our selection of holsters on our website by clicking here.

Thanks to James Portman

Than you Jim and God Bless you! – Rudy


From: James Portman 

Date: July 30, 2015 at 6:45:27 PM CDT


Subject: Holster

I received my shoulder holster today what a great piece of crafter ship you guys are above and beyond qualityI received my shoulder holster today what a great piece of crafter ship you guys are above and beyond quality well worth the weight very happy customer you are blessed . I will be recommending you to every one I know.


Jim portman
May God be good to you and you’re staff

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Black Hills Leather, gun leather proudly made in America.

Hello Chuck,

Thank you for your kind words.

Your comments made my day and I will share with my customers in our blog.

Have a blessed day!

Rudy Lozano


Date: March 13, 2015 at 3:21:35 AM CDT

To: rudy@blackhillsleather.com

Subject: Holster order


I placed an order for a holster earlier today and I was very impressed with the courtesy you extended on the phone. At the time I did not realize I was talking to the same person that would be making my holster and when you said you would make a beautiful holster I thought you were someone that took orders and was exercising a sales technique; however researching your website I realize what I had heard was your pride in your craftsmanship. It was a pleasure dealing with you today and I look forward to receiving the holster I ordered. I stand behind “made in America” and I would not hesitate to recommend you.


Chuck Reeser

Thank you Doc Doolittle

From: “C. D. Doolittle” 

Date: December 23, 2014 at 3:14:48 PM CST

To: Rudy Lozano

Subject: It’s Here!

Hi Rudy…..The holster came, today. It is a work of art! I LOVE it! The Gun fits [tightly, as expected], the mag pouch works with both size magazines, and the workmanship is first rate!  :>)  Thank you very much for putting up with me, and for making such a beautiful holster for me!…….Merry Christmas and have a Very Happy New Year!…….Your Friend,

Doc Doolittle

A comment from our customer Ken

I ordered a shoulder holster in august which I finally got this November.  I thought because you missed the significantly the projected delivery time the quality was going to be substandard as well.

I had to let you know that the holster you sent is exceptional in quality and performance.  I am extremely pleased with your product.  Any holster purchase I make in the future will be from Black Hills.  I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Thank You,

Ken Fleck